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Supporting Positive Mental Health & Resilience in Long-Term Volunteers

Volunteer Now Enterprises Ltd

Volunteer Now Enterprises Ltd

Cost: £25
Long-term volunteers bring incredible gifts of time, energy and service to many community and voluntary organisations in Northern Ireland. Increasingly, however, some long-term volunteers come with a variety of mental health needs which can be difficult for organisations to know how to support.

This day-long training will use the Community Resilience Model to provide organisations with practical knowledge that can be used by support staff, as well as by volunteers themselves, to increase resiliency and positive mental health.

The Community Resilience Model (CRM) has been used in over 20 countries to support individuals and communities impacted by stress, trauma and difficulties with mental health.  The primary focus of CRM is to educate individuals about the biology of stress and anxiety, as well as teach simple biologically-based wellness skills which can help stabilize and re-set the nervous system.  By helping people understand the impact of stress on the body and mind, and then learning how to work with their nervous system to foster resiliency, CRM provides a very practical, hands-on opportunity for people to build resiliency in their own lives and in those of their communities.  CRM is being successfully used across a number of fields and sectors, including: international development, public health, reconciliation, community development, education, mental health, early years and policing and justice, with strong outcomes for both service providers and service recipients.

This one day training course will provide you with practical skills to support volunteers based on the six wellness skills of the Community Resilience Model.

This training day is £25 per person, and will include a light lunch.

  • Community development
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Volunteer development

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