Social Media BOOST BOOTCAMP with Tina Calder of Excalibur Press

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Cost: From £20
Social Media Boost Bootcamp 2023
In this bootcamp you will get a series of bitesized, quick to digest and easy to implement top tips and advice to help you take action on your social media quickly this year.

Led by communications strategist and trainer Tina Calder, owner of UK based media & marketing agency Excalibur Press, will unveil the tools and secrets used by the professionals to create social media strategies, plans and content for her clients.

Supported by the team at Excalibur Press the Social Media Boost Bootcamp has been created to give business owners, marketers and social media managers access to tips, advice and expertise used on a daily basis to work with clients across a wide range of sectors and industries.

Starting on January 10th, 2023 (you can purchase this Bootcamp any time and have access to all content) for six weeks (for live content) you will be empowered through regular posts, resources and live sessions to supercharge your social media strategy, planning and content.

You can join the bootcamp any time up to May 31st.

This bootcamp will also feature a series of optional challenges and content prompts.

The Social Media BOOST Bootcamp content will include:

  • Strategy & planning
  • Generating ideas
  • Managing & maintenance
  • Written content & captions
  • Photo content
  • Video content
  • Graphics & visuals
  • Functionality
  • Lead generation & sales
  • Blogging on social
  • Building a community
  • New developments & news

What you will learn:

  • How to create a basic social media strategy
  • Photography tips
  • How to turn that strategy into a plan of action
  • Videography tips
  • How to plan, schedule and distribute that content
  • Developing your language and tone of voice
  • Using emojis & hashtags
  • What platforms you should consider and why
  • Storytelling on social media
  • What functions should you think about on each platform (eg, Hashtags, Stories etc…)
  • Ways to brainstorm content
  • Creating a content calendar
  • Scheduling your content
  • Streamlining your social media
  • Where to get ideas
  • 79 ideas you can use
  • Types of content you can create
  • Monitoring comments
  • Optimising your social platforms
  • A sample schedule plan you can follow
  • The importance of branding
  • Generating leads and making sales on social
  • Creating great call to actions
  • Tools we use at Excalibur Press
  • Blogging on social media
  • Building a community
  • Why your social media should be part of your wider marketing campaign
  • How to create content for every step on the customer journey
  • And much much more...
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Belfast Central Library
Royal Avanue
United Kingdom

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