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Learn strategies to retain your event supporters which will transform your event ROI and help build super fans for your charity.

What is it costing you to not retain your event supporters?

Some say it is up to 15 times harder to get cold contacts to sign up to something than warm ones. Not only are you making your work a whole lot harder, you’re potentially leaving a lot of untapped income on the table, through not cross selling, upselling or retaining your supporters.


And if your event doesn't raise the money it needs, it could look like a failure leading you to ask if the event is right, or if you're right for events.

Really good retention is a no brainer. The initial hard work is done, you’ve got those people through the door so how will you maximise their support for your cause?


In this 90 minute online workshop I’m going to run through 12 retention strategies that you can adopt to ensure your events (digital, live in-person, or hybrid) are working on several levels; income & awareness raising and opening the doors to long term support of your charity.


You will leave with twelve practical approaches you can implement straight away which will ensure your supporters continue to engage with you and raise money well after the event is done.


You will also get a FREE editable worksheet to help embed your learning and to take back to your colleagues to work through with them.


"This has been one of the most inspiring 90 minute workshops I have been to all year! You've shared some fantastic ideas... Thank you so much." - Past Workshop Attendee

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