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Money Guiders NI Network welcome staff across Northern Ireland to join us in learning about support to empower confident conversations. Register here…

About this event


This is a fully funded event from the The Money and Pensions Service and it is great opportunity to talk all things money guidance! You will be provided with information on what the Money Guiders NI Network has to offer and what the Money Guiders programme is all about. This will be a chance to connect with other NI organisations and create meaningful relationships to share best practice to improve your confidence in handling money matters for your service users. Ultimately taking your help further.

We will be breaking down the Money Guidance Competency Framework into its 12 topics in a workshop style event and attendees will get a chance to cover 2 or more of the following:

1. Knowing your customer – for example having insight of the ways in which life events can affect an individual’s circumstances.

2. Debt

3. Borrowing

4. Welfare and benefits

5. Budgeting and cashflow

6. Savings

7. Investments

8. Taxation

9. Insurance

10. Households

11. Pensions

12. Planning for later life

What will you gain from the event?





We know that practitioners are at the heart of many financial wellbeing interventions and they have the power to make a real difference to the way people manage their money. Currently, there is no common view of what good looks like and there can be a lack of clarity about where regulated boundaries are present. This is an opportunity for Practitioners to change this by a coming together to exchange good practice about how they can most effectively improve the money skills of the people they serve.


By the end of the event attendees will have gained:


• A chance to learn more about the value of Money Guidance


• Free Money Guidance materials and branded goody bag

• Insight into money matters and how you can develop them

• Sharing details on your services and support tools

• Peer to peer support as well as a Q&A at the end

• Facilitated networking with a range of NI organisations

• A chance to speak with a representative from the Money Guiders Project

• Free refreshments and lunch will be provided.





What is Money Guidance and am I a ‘Money Guider’?

A Money Guider is anyone who delivers non-accredited money guidance in their day-to-day duties. By this we mean those day-to-day money issues your end-users deal with. For example, how to manage on a low income, resolving credit card debt, affording a car, a house, how to save, lifestyle budgeting' etc.


Money guidance practitioners do not provide personal recommendations for financial products or recommendations on a specific course of action. However, money guidance practitioners do need to have a general and broad knowledge of the range of financial products and services available in the marketplace.






The difference between Guidance and Advice

Guidance is an impartial service which will help you to identify your options and narrow down your choices but will not tell you what to do or which product to buy; the decision is yours. Advice will recommend a specific product or course of action for you to take given your circumstances and financial goals. This will be personal to you, based on information you provide.


Who should attend?

All money guidance practitioners who are supporting service users with diffcult conversations and anyone offering guidance to improve the financial wellbeing. If you are a practitioner want to connect with others and help build a community of support to lead to better financial wellbeing.


The Money Guidance Competency Framework

This event is designed to help you improve your money guidance practice, developing skills, confidence and knowledge around a specific money related area. Everything that the Money Guiders programme offers centres around the Money Guidance Competency Framework - it's there to help you better understand the full breadth and depth of money related issues that fall outside of the regulated financial advice service sector - the things you talk to your customers about.


Accessibility & other details

The event is in person and will be hosted in the Clayton Hotel Belfast – 22 Ormeau Avenue, Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT2 8HS. We will be providing refreshments and lunch for the event too.


If you have accessibility requirements, please inform us when you register by emailing [email protected] and we will do our best to meet them. Practitioners should always remember to keep their own client and customer details confidential.


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