Level 1: Learning the Basics of Video

Belfast Exposed

Belfast Exposed

Cost: £175.00
This is a practical, hands-on course is designed both for beginners and those wanting to gain a better understanding of the video capabilities of their digital camera.

The course provides a general practical introduction to the field of video. It introduces basic concepts of the moving image with a limited amount of theory. You will learn how your DSLR/digital camera can introduce a new world of practical and creative options, however the field is vast and the uses and techniques available are many. The course therefore is intended to get you started on the path of further individual experimentation and exploration. Further training is available in the following 'Level 2' course, which deepens the knowledge and introduces new skills and techniques to accelerate your process towards general competence.

What you will need

  • Required:
  • Knowledge and understanding of your digital camera's manual settings (aperture, shutter speed, ISO & white balance).
  • Preferred Equipment:
  • A digital camera with video functionality and manual controls.
  • Access to a computer with free or paid video editing software.
  • Acceptable Equipment:
  • A smartphone or tablet with an app that offers camera manual controls.
  • A smartphone or tablet with an app that offers basic video editing.

What you will learn

  • Conceptual:
  • Photography and video - similarities and differences.
  • How image plus time creates a narrative experience for the viewer that you control.
  • Production workflow stages and approaches.
  • How to define objectives, how to plot conceptual, technical and practical paths to get there.
  • To introduce sound and its importance to video.
  • Technical:
  • How to set up your camera for video.
  • Technical limitations and opportunities.
  • Handheld vs camera support options.
  • Basic camera movement techniques.
  • Using DSLR audio or external audio.
  • How to record the voice.
  • Where to find royalty free music.
  • How to edit short video sequences with audio / music / titles.
  • How to handle multiple screen types and shapes.
  • Exporting and sharing your video.

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