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Exhibition - A Conversation Ensued, Nobody Said A Word

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A Conversation Ensued, Nothing Was Said
Belfast Exposed presents ‘A Conversation Ensued, Nobody Said A Word’, a duo exhibition by Colin Darke and Yvonne Kennan. The exhibition explores two individual interpreters with pre-existing concerns, interests and concepts considering and replying to the others. The interaction develops, grows, common ground is found, differences are highlighted, fleshed out and analysed, acknowledged, and the conversation continues. Each image is a response to the last, or the many before as the conversation continues, and sometimes pre-empting what is to come.

Both artists have stepped away from their individual practice to collaborate on a body of work that can be viewed both critically and whimsically. Much of the work has external cultural influence and makes reference to many along the way. Some of those making the line up from the theoretical/literary corner are de Lautréamont, Brecht, Goethe, Barthes and Kafka. Representatives of the visual entries include Man Ray, Joseph Kosuth, Dan Flavin, Louis le Brocquy and perhaps Narcissus. For our aural pleasure, we have contributions from Tom Waits and Genesis (Peter Gabriel era), among others. The award for all-rounders goes to Sergei Eisenstein, Dziga Vertov and of course Steven Spielberg. Naturally none of the above can be ultimately categorised. These however are merely veins that run through the artists’ interior worlds. We present our images as glimpses, instances, moments, chances. We take it out now, beyond the artist and expose it. This is what we present to you, a snapshot into the light.

"This collaborative exhibition by two of Northern Ireland's top contemporary artists reveals a wealth of treasures to thrill, excite and provoke audiences to delve deeper into the mind of the artists to question the rationale of their response to each other. Wonderful, exciting and engaging photographs, a must-see show" - Deirdre Robb, Chief Executive, Belfast Exposed

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