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Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC) otherwise known as autism, affects 1.1% of the population in Northern Ireland. ASC is a developmental condition and will be present throughout a person’s lifespan. Many individuals are now receiving a diagnosis in adulthood due to improved awareness of the condition and improved access to assessment services. This session will consider specifically, the adult experience of ASC; dispel the negative stereotypes of ASC; and highlight the value that individuals with the condition can bring to the world. A professional practitioner will explain the clinical features of ASC, which include difficulties with social communication, repetitive behaviours and restricted interests. A peer educator who received an adult diagnosis will reflect on what life has been like having the condition without knowing. The experience of the assessment process and post-diagnostic journey will be discussed. Supports available to adults with ASC (within the Belfast Trust area) and their families and carers will be identified. (Duration of course: 2 hrs)

This course is free of charge.

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