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Advances in Selection & Development

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Cost: £84 + VAT
Build targeted and trusted assessment processes to increase insight and build neurodiversity!

This breakfast briefing, facilitated by one of our experienced occupational psychology and assessment consultants, will provide you with an update on the latest advances in selection and development. 

If you are keen to understand how evidence based and scientifically robust assessment and development methodologies can assist your organisation, this briefing will provide a targeted and timely update.

We will cover how the latest developments in assessment and development, as well as specific testing options, can assist you with the following:

  • If you are investing in new talent from the open market and want to reduce your reliance on a single interview or ‘gut feeling’, using tangible assessment methods targeting critical workplace behaviours and attitudes.
  • If you are investing in current employees to support individual and business growth and assist with succession planning, and are keen to receive valuable insights on the latest psychometrics you could incorporate.
  • If you have a requirement for high volume screening of multiple candidates with the use of psychometrics and/ or situational judgement tests for example.
  • If you want to gain credible and robust insights into what motivates individual and/or team performance in the workplace, and build more a more positive and productive culture and improve overall effectiveness.
  • Education/training

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