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'Active Citizenship' Online Workshop

UK Parliament

UK Parliament - Education and Engagement Service

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Delivered by an Education Officer from the Westminster Parliament, this online workshop offers participants the opportunity to learn about how Parliament works; its relevance to everyday life and, most importantly, how citizens can get their voices heard through engagement in democratic processes.

Key areas covered in the online workshop:

  1. Overview of how the Westminster Parliament operates with an emphasis on the role of Northern Ireland representation.

Example: The relationship between Devolved & Reserved Matters.

  1. Exploring how the work of Parliament is relevant to our lives.

Examples: Current Public Inquiries as well as the work of the Northern Ireland Affairs Select Committee.

  1. Guidance on strategies to get your voice heard and raise awareness of an issue with decision-makers.

Examples of how individuals can participate in democratic processes as well as group campaigning tactics.

  • Community development
  • Community relations
  • Disability
  • Education/training
  • Lobbying/policy
  • Race/ethnicity
  • Rural development
  • Volunteer development
  • Women
  • Young people

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House of Commons
United Kingdom

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Fiona Payne 

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