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Northern Ireland's leading network for the promotion of women's training and development, through policy, training, networking and education.

TWN is ideally placed as a first stop shop for women in Northern Ireland seeking information on training, development and entrepreneurship. TWN is one of the largest network's in Northern Ireland with a membership that encompasses a wide variety of groups, individuals and organisations from the public, private and voluntary/community sectors. TWN's activities seek to encourage women to look at opportunities for advancement in a variety of ways.

Additionally TWN acts as an Implementing Body under the EU Programme for Peace and Reconciliation for the delivery of Measure 1.5 - Positive Action for Women. To date TWN has allocated and managed in excess of £10.35 million to projects throughout NI delivering training and development for women.

 TWN is a non-profit organisation which aims

  • To advance, promote , develop and co-ordinate provision of accessible, high quality vocational and pre-vocational education and training for women in Northern Ireland leading to sustainable employment
  • To facilitate vertical and horizontal integration of women in the labour market
  • To provide a range of services to members and promote good practice in training for women
  • To encourage and empower women to take up leadership roles and become involved in decision making in public and professional life

 TWN is especially keen to support actions that will

  • Breakdown barriers to training and employment for women 
  • Introduce innovative pilot projects which others can emulate 
  • Help women gain access to occupations in which they have traditionally been under represented 
  • Assist women in vulnerable and declining employment sectors to re-train themselves for potential employment 
  • Promote accredited training projects to help women progress in their chosen career
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Opening hours: 

9:00am - 5:00pm Monday - Thursday

9:00am - 4:00pm Friday

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Sarah Stack
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