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Children's Heartbeat Trust is a local charity that provides emotional and practical support to families affected by heart disease in children and young people.

Children’s Heartbeat Trust funds lots of different support services for heart families.  This is delivered through the following methods:

  1. Financial support for Clark Clinic at the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children

Clark Clinic is Northern Ireland’s only regional unit for children that need specialist treatment for heart conditions.  The Children’s Heartbeat Trust helps fund top quality medical equipment and pioneering medical initiatives to ensure that children and young people with heart disease in Northern Ireland receive the best care and treatment possible in an age-appropriate and comfortable environment.

  1. Provision of accommodation for parents

Children’s Heartbeat Trust maintains accommodation directly above Clark Clinic for parents to avail of as necessary when their child is being treated.  This allows parents to stay at the hospital in comfortable surroundings, in what is often a traumatic time, both for the child and the parent.  This accommodation is especially invaluable to parents who would otherwise have to travel long distances to and from the hospital.                                                                 

  1. Family Support Groups and Services throughout N.I

Family Support Groups are set up throughout the province to provide local support. Through regular groups led by volunteer family coordinators, heart families have the opportunity to meet other families who are experiencing similar issues and problems. We also develop and deliver a range of family support services, from counselling to music therapy to first aid training.  These services also include tailored support for families during their child’s treatment and care.

A teenage support programme is also now up and running to give teenagers with heart disease the opportunity to meet other teens facing similar lifestyle matters.   

  1. Research

We aim to fund and support research into the causes and treatment of heart disease in children.  This research will improve health and lifestyle outcomes for children and young people living with heart disease.

  1. Campaigning & Advocacy

We campaign on policy issues that will improve outcomes and lifestyle for children and young people with heart disease.  We promote and progress key service requirements to ensure children and young people with heart disease have the same equitable treatment and access to care that enjoyed across UK and Europe.

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