Youth Initiatives Downpatrick Worker

Closing date: 
23 Nov 2012
We are looking for a youth worker who can work as part of a team to deliver our ongoing youth work projects in Downpatrick including Sunday Night Session, schools and detached work, developing volunteers and mentoring young people. Funded by IFI.

Summary of Main Responsibilities

The YI Downpatrick Worker plays a key role in the planning, delivery and evaluation of YI youthwork in the town of Downpatrick.  Following the lead of the Interim Area Leader, this involves leadership in the Sunday Night Session, street based and schools outreach work, one to one mentoring and small groups, and connecting Downpatrick young people with the wider Youth Initiatives Stepping Forward programme.  Stepping Forward is a Community Relations project and the YI Downpatrick Worker is responsible to deliver the community relations aims of the Downpatrick project. The worker is also part of the YI staff team and will have responsibilities for administration of the project and meeting funding and monitoring requirements.

Youth Initiatives’ vision for the Downpatrick work is for it to become a youth community hub of outreach projects that brings transformation and hope to the young generation in and around Downpatrick.

Key Tasks:

  1. Reaching out to young people through detached youth work and partnership with other agencies to connect young people to YI Stepping Forward projects
  2. Planning and Delivery for the  Sunday Night Session
  3. Planning and Delivery for schools outreach work.
  4. Support and development of YI Volunteer team in Downpatrick, through team meetings, mentoring and accessing relevant training.
  5. Taking a particular concern for reaching and connecting young men to the project and mentoring them in attaining the project aims.
  6. Facilitating and delivering the Stepping Forward community relations aims.
  7. Facilitating connections of YI Downpatrick young people with the other (YI) Stepping Forward projects including residentials, summer schemes and summer camps.
  8. Attend YI staff meetings and training as well as other events as required
  9. Networking with community, church and statutory leaders and attending the YI Downpatrick Advisory Group meetings and prepare reports for them.
  10. Administration related to YI projects including funding reports and meetings


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Closing date:
23 Nov 2012
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Jennifer Russell
Colin Road
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