Browser issues for users of CommunityNI

We are aware that a small number of users encounter difficulties when attempting to post content on CommunityNI when logged in via the Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge browsers.

What are the problems?

Some of the unexpected issues may include:

  • Not being able to pick dates for the necessary fields.
  • Not being able to upload attachments to job posts.
  • Not being able to save or publish a posting.


What's the solution?

If you encounter such difficulties, we recommend switching to the Chrome browser for your use of the CommunityNI site.

If you don't already have Chrome installed on your system, you can download Chrome here.


Why should my choice of browser be an issue?

Not all browsers are the same, and the various browsers interact with websites in different ways. This is due to differences in the use of standards by the browser vendors, and cross-compatibility can therefore be a challenge for website development and testing.

Many issues stem from the use of certain versions of Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. Though we endeavour to support as many users as possible regardless of their choice of browser, these unexpected problems do arise from time to time.

The underlying framework of the website is frequently updated to ensure the ongoing security and sustainability of the service, but this comes with difficulties for ensuring compatibility for all choices of browser. 

While we try to tackle the problems as they arise so that Internet Explorer and Edge users can continue to use the site, we recommend the use of Chrome for those who find they are unable to use the site properly.