Age NI - Age Sector Funding Ezine - Issue 36 (Dec 2016)

The latest Funding Ezine (Dec 2016) providing age sector specific funding news is now available at This month news of dry Jan/feelgood Feb small grants, the Co-op Community Fund & recent grants awarded from Halifax Foundation

The Age NI - Age Sector Funding Ezine is a monthly funding news update relevant to age sector groups.  The Ezine highlights current funding updates, case studies, potential funding sources, funding related training opportunities & highlights a 'mumble of the month' which offers a translation of common terms used in applications/funding environment. 

Current & previous editions along with case studies are available at

Funding news in this months issue:

  • Dry January/Feel-good February: small grants £500 closing date 9th Dec

  • Co-op Community Fund – 3 local small grants to be distributed.  Circa £1,500 Closing 16th Dec

  • Community Pharmacy Partnership project :  Level  1 closing date 9th Feb 2017

  • Antrim Newtownabbey Borough Council: Arts & Heritage grants: closing date March 2017

  • Telecommunity Fund: ongoing closing date for grants £500-£1500 for older peoples projects


Age NI - Age Sector Funding Ezine: available or contact [email protected] to join mailing list for future copies. 

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