Age NI - Age Sector Funding Ezine - Issue 24 (Dec 2015)

Latest Funding Ezine (Dec 2015) providing age sector specific funding news is now available at This months funding news provides information on local council grants plus celebrating over £300,000 leveraged by age sector groups

The Age NI - Age Sector Funding Ezine was established over a year ago & has produced monthly funding news relevant to age sector groups.  The Ezine highlights current funding updates, case studies, potential funding sources, funding related training opportunities & highlights a 'mumble of the month' which offers a translation of common terms used in applications/funding environment. 

Current & previous editions along with case studies are available at

Funding news in this months issue:

  • Belfast City Council : small grants closing date 8th Jan

  • Antrim Newtownabbey Council: small grants closing date 29th Jan

  • Lloyds Bank Foundation N.Ireland: closing date 8th Jan

  • Community Pharmacy Partnership project :  Level  1 closing date 16th Feb

  • Free Finance workshops: delivered by Community Change NI in 2016 - Belfast session 16th Jan.

  • ‘First Steps to Funding’ workshops in Coleraine

  • Focus on Sustainability event: collaboration & networking with Mid Ulster Seniors Network 10th Dec.


Age NI - Age Sector Funding Ezine: available or contact [email protected] to join mailing list for future copies. 

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