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Youth Coordinator

CHARTER for Northern Ireland

£7222.50 (Gross salary) Part Time Hours 16 Hrs
The post holder will be responsible for the delivery of Charter NI’s Central Good Relations Programme. The youth coordinator will complete the successful delivery for all aspects of this project by carrying out the key duties. Contracted to 31/3/22
  • Ensure the TBUC outcomes that the TEO’s good relations programme is a main focus to the project in all aspects.
  • Responsible for organising, delivering and planning of actions agreed in the Learning through the Divide Action plan.
  • Ensure that all structures and communication systems are set up so that programme is delivered successfully and on time.
  • Ensure that all programme elements are reported to the appointed Charter NI Management team on a regular basis.
  • Work in partnership with facilitators in Short Strand Partnership and staff members from Charter NI in the area of inner East Belfast.
  • Ensure that all paperwork, financial and administrative relating to TEO Central Good Relation Programme is completed correctly and that is received on time.
  • Ensure any reports required by the funder are completed and presented on time.
  • Ensure that all collaborative activities between the partner groups are implemented successfully.
  • Ensure that end of programme events is planned and implemented successfully
  • Ensure that the delivery of the programme is rolled out in accordance with the programme schedule & work plans and that the programme detail achieves maximum impact
  • Ensure the appropriate young people are identified and carried through the programme with maximum impact based on overall objectives
  • Any other duties that Charter NI deem necessary.

Closing Date

Monday / 21 June 2021 4:00pm

Contact Details

Caroline Birch

Operations Manager

275 Newtownards Road
Bt4 1AF
United Kingdom


CNI LTD Application 2021.pdf