Board Membership

Praxis Care HR Trustee

CO3 Chief Officers 3rd Sector

Expenses only
The key priority for the role is to review and make recommendations to the Board and Senior Leadership Team on HR issues, including, management development, succession planning and training.


Taking account of the range of skills and experience of Praxis Care’s current board members, we welcome strengthening the board’s collective portfolio of competencies in the area of Human Resources and Personnel Development.  Therefore, we are seeking candidates who have a substantial background as a senior HR professional with a proven track record of success at a strategic level.

If, in addition to these, there are other skills and qualities that you feel relevant that would add value to the Praxis Care board, we invite you to make an application. We are inviting people from across all sectors who have the relevant skills and who connect with the mission and values of Praxis Care to submit their CV. We are committed to diversity and equality of opportunity and we welcome applications from all sections of the community.

Skills and Competencies.

Those interested in serving as a Praxis Care trustee and director must be able to demonstrate that they:

1.       Have exceptional leadership skills, including the ability to be objective, to   
probe and question, and to act decisively when necessary.
2.       Are visionary, creative and passionate about Praxis Care’s mission and
prepared to invest energy in its success by learning and understanding its
business and its stakeholders.
3.       Are team players, able to listen and work with others, offering guidance and
support, to ensure effective decision-making by the board.
4.       Understand the responsibilities of company directors and company trustees,
the importance of good governance, and agree to work in accordance with
any code of practice agreed by the board. Ongoing support, learning and
development opportunities will be offered to trustees with this. 
5.       Are good communicators, willing and able to promote the decisions of the
board and the interests of Praxis Care and its clients.
6.       Are able and willing to act impartially and apolitically.
7.       Have strong analytical skills, can assimilate information and grasp complex
issues quickly, and then apply independent judgment.

Closing Date

Monday / 02 December 2019 12:00pm

Contact Details

Con Collins. 

31 Bruce Street
United Kingdom

More Information

Praxis Care is working with CO3's Engage recruitment service to fill this role.  


Engage Board Recruitment Information Pack Praxis.pdf