Volunteer Support for Organisations during the Covid-19 Crisis Let's #HelpEachOther

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Help offered

Volunteer Now can help to promote your volunteer opportunities widely and share them with volunteers who have registered as part of our #HelpEachOther campaign during this Covid-19 crisis
Organisations post opportunities on the Be Collective portal on our website and volunteers can apply directly to them so that they can manage and support the volunteers they accept.
Volunteering in a safe environment is crucial for all involved and Volunteer Now has developed good practice guidance which is available for those volunteering, those including volunteers within their organisations and also those providing neighbourhood support. More information here: https://bit.ly/347htgu

How to access this support

If you have an opportunity that you would like to promote please register it through the Be Collective portal here:


Volunteer Now can support you to upload your opportunities. This system will enable you to tailor registration forms, assign shifts and communicate with your volunteers. If you need help with the process please email: [email protected]

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