Coronavirus: What are you consumer rights?

Consumer Council

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  • Information and advice
Help offered

The Consumer Council has launched a dedicated website that provides a variety of helpful information for consumers in Northern Ireland who may have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The website, which is updated daily with new content, covers topics such as:

• Travel (including cancelled flights, ferries, public transport and package holidays);
• Home Energy (including top tips for natural gas, electricity and home heating oil customers);
• Personal Finances (including what banks are doing to help and information around housing, rent/mortgages and debt);
• Postal Services (including the latest updates from NI’s top couriers and parcel delivery services);
• Avoiding Scams (including top tips on how to avoid various scams and an overview of the top scams that are being reported); and
• Information for Vulnerable Consumers (including information around food deliveries and utility company care registers).

Consumers are also able to contact our Consumer Protection team directly by phone (0800 121 2066) or email ([email protected]) to get advice and support directly over the phone.

How to access this support

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Noleen Charnley
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