Anam Cara Northern Ireland Online Support Resources and Services for Bereaved Parents

Across Northern Ireland

Type of support for people

  • Emotional or social support (e.g. befriending)
  • Information and advice
Help offered

Anam Cara Northern Ireland has adapted our bereavement services to ensure the continuity of support for bereaved parents throughout Ireland. Our focus remains on ensuring our online support is to the same high standard and best practice we emulate at the Anam Cara Face to Face group.

Parents already connected to Anam Cara Northern Ireland

  1. Each Anam Cara Northern Ireland Group has set up a private Facebook Page which is moderated by our volunteer parents.  
  2. There are now monthly online group meeting for each Anam Cara.  These are facilitated by our professional facilitators.  
  3. Regular communication via text/email with all parents on the Anam Cara database with updates on what support is available and how they can access it.  
  4. Parents who are not comfortable with online group support, Anam Cara is offering 1:1 online support with the professional facilitator. Please note this is not counselling.  
  5. If a parent’s needs are outside the scope of the online support, for example traumatic grief or complicated grief. They will be directed to a specialised service i.e. CRUSE, PIPS or SANDS

Parents new to Anam Cara Northern Ireland

  1. Are sent out the Anam Cara Information pack and any other relevant resources from other organisations, e.g. Barnardos information leaflets for bereaved children  
  2. Encouraged to visit our website where they can access our online resources. These resources include a series of video covering the content of an Anam Cara Bereavement Information evening.  
  3. Access other online resources on the Anam Cara Website including support videos compiled by bereaved parents.  
  4. Will be able to access 1:1 online and ongoing support from our Professional Facilitators who will assess their needs and, if necessary, put a care pathway in place to ensure they have the appropriate bereavement support for them and their family following the death of a son or daughter.
How to access this support

First we would encourage any recently bereaved parents to visit our website . Here they will be able to access and download our resources.Bereaved Parents or frontline professionals in contact with bereaved parents can contact us on 028 95213120 or drop an email to [email protected]


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