Breathwork Facilitator Training

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This International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine accredited qualification teaches the skills, knowledge and competence required of an individual in order to work with clients on specific breathing techniques in both 1:1 or group sessions. Learners will cover: • The anatomy of the lungs; gaseous exchange; the breath-brain connection and the physical and mental benefits of breathwork. • How to hold space for breathwork; creating a trauma-informed space and basic facilitation skills. • How the breath impacts the vagus nerve and its connection to the parasympathetic nervous system. • The structure of a breathwork session and how to build momentum with music and motivational cueing (i.e.what to say and what to play). • The content of a breathwork session with an in-depth study of 6 unique breathwork exercises. • Advanced Facilitation skills – How to plan for emotional and physical reactions; how to modify for different audiences/special populations.


• StretchBodyMind covers a range of high and low oxygen techniques rather than focusing on one specific method of breathing.

• StretchBodyMind covers both spiritual and scientific breath practices, making the training suitable for PTs and Fitness Instructors as well as Yoga Teachers and Pilates Instructors.

• StretchBodyMind covers the WHY as well as the HOW of breathwork so that you can fill your classes by promoting the benefits of this life-changing work.

• StretchBodyMind breaks down complex physiology, particularly around the vagus nerve and the impact of breathwork on the nervous system.

• StretchBodyMind provides tools for your own personal transformation and the confidence to incorporate these tools into your existing classes (or to create an entirely new class).


The learner must complete:

• Unit 1: Anatomy of the Breath

• Unit 2: Holding Space for Breathwork

• Unit 3: Breathing, Trauma and the Vagus Nerve

• Unit 4: Building Momentum in a Session

• Unit 5: High and Low Oxygen Techniques

• Unit 6: Facilitating the Release

  • Community development
  • Education/training
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Sport/recreation
  • breathwork
  • Pilates
  • personal training
  • Coaching

Date and Time

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Level 4, Queen's University Belfast, Physical Education Centre
Botanic Park
United Kingdom

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