Photography Tutor

Closing date is: 
30 Jun 2017
Relatives for Justice seek tenders from suitably qualified persons to deliver photography classes to victims and survivors of the conflict
Photography Tutor

RFJ seek suitably qualified persons to tender for the delivery of a time bound photography project for members bereaved, injured and caring for injured as a result of conflict harms

Terms of Reference – ‘Capturing Moments’

Background to the project/Objectives

This project will firstly provide a safe environment with a qualified, trained facilitator supporting Relatives for Justice members impacted by trauma. This project will be member led and the tutor will facilitate members coming together in a relaxed environment to share thoughts and feelings through the art of photography.

The project intends to support and express the daily lived lives of those affected by conflict, expressing how people feel when taking a picture.  This project will enable our members to gain knowledge of using a camera and also facilitate a therapeutic aspect to photography.


This will be an arts based project providing creative and expressive photography for our members with the hope of producing an end exhibition. This project will run once a week for 4 weeks commencing in July 2017. It will go at the pace of our members and therefore may extend longer than this by having,for example, ‘Away Days’ on a monthly basis.


This particular project will focus on members who have been bereaved or injured as a result of the conflict.


Due to the sensitivity surrounding the work carried out within Relatives for Justice, complete confidentiality and a non-judgmental approach should be taken at all times.

Tender Requirements

To tender please provide:
• A cover letter detailing your hourly rate inclusive of VAT
• A copy of your most updated CV.
• Please also provide a suggested plan outlining your ideas on carrying out the project.
• Tender applicants must include the name, address, telephone number and email addresses of two clients who may be contacted for references in connection with the proposed contract.

Evaluation of proposals:

The Contract will be awarded on the basis of the most economically advantageous proposal applying the following award criteria, not necessarily in this order:

• Relevant skills, expertise and qualifications of the designated personnel in tutoring a class;
• Understanding and awareness of the requirements of the project including the context for the work of Relatives For Justice;
• Feasibility and credibility of proposed approach and scope and quality of deliverables;
• Cost and value for money.


Details must be submitted in either hard or electronic copy to:

Mary Kate Quinn
Relatives for Justice
39 Glen Road
BT11 8BB

Email: [email protected]

To arrive no later than 30th June 2017


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Contact Information
Mary Kate Quinn
Relatives for Justice, 39 Glen Road, Andersonstown
BT11 8BB